• Washing and Combing Ryeland Fleece

    A couple of weeks ago I treated myself to some wool combs for combing washed fleece. I have been using a carder previously but it wasn't getting all the veggie matter out of the fleece before putting it through my drum carder.
  • Birthday Gifts for Mum

    This year for my Mum's birthday I decided to make her some handmade gifts. She lives in West Yorkshire and she is always saying it is cold so I thought I would make her a lovely crochet shawl and some hand knitted socks.
  • To Warm To Spin

    It's a scorcher here in Cornwall at the moment the sun is cracking the flags. It has been that hot that if you sit in one spot for long you end up with sunburn. As I found out when I burnt my legs crocheting! Yes I did have sun cream on too!
  • Colour That Makes My Heart Sing

    Finally we are having some glorious weather here in Cornwall. The skies are a deep blue and the seas turquoise. Everything is good in my world living in an 18th century cottage near to some of the most beautiful beaches and right on the doorstep of where they film Poldark.
  • New Yarns and Gifts Coming Soon!

    Over the last few weeks I have been busy working on some lovely new handspun yarns and handmade gifts to add to my shop. The skies have been blue and the sun has been shining here in Cornwall and I have been spinning outside enjoying the peace and tranquility of the woods that surround my little cottage.

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